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Welcome to InstaSafe, the only place where you can get investment in less than 60 seconds! YC created the SAFE to make investing in startups easier. We don't think they went far enough.

Currently available to YC W'21 companies.

Why use InstaSafe?

The InstaSafe began with a dream: What if taking investment was as easy as buying groceries?

  • Instant decision: No more handshake agreements and follow-ups.
  • No more meeting with investors: Focus on the company, not on fundraising.
  • Your money, your way: wire, cashier's check, money order, Venmo -- however you prefer.
  • Strategic checks from focused investors We compete and win on speed and valuation.
  • No due diligence, no problem: We won't bog you down with questions.
  • No reporting requirements: We aren't going to bother you while you work.
  • Need something signed? We'll respond within 60 minutes during business hours.
  • Competing on valuation caps? Use us, we're flexible.
  • Great investor reviews: Check us out on Bookface (Skeptical Investments).
  • Built by YC founders for YC founders: 100% backed by YC Alumni. We support our community!

Step 1: What kind of SAFE?

Step 2: At what terms?
Valuation (USD):
Discount (%):

Step 3: Tell us about yourself
Company Name:
State of Incorporation:

Your Name:
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Your Email:
Your Phone:

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Step 4: Congratulations, we've decided to invest in your company!

Please enter your preferred method of payment (routing/account number, Venmo, Paypal, mailing address, etc.):

Step 6: Executing the SAFE

After signing the SAFE, please email the document to opportunities@skepticalinvestments.biz for countersignature. We will follow up with your preferred method of payment within 3 business hours.